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    Best Food In Delhi Blood, Sweat, tears and Rajma Chawal No matter where you live in Delhi, there will always be a Rajma Chawal guy near you. It's omnipresent. Just like God or the aunties who seem to see and hear everything that happens in the community. That being said Rajma Chawal has become a staple diet of North Indians and for good reason. It has amazing nutritional value (100 gms of boiled beans contains 140 calories, 5.7 gms of protein, 5.9 gms of fat, 17.8 gms of carbohydrates and a whole lot of soluble fibre). And it tastes amazing. Strangely enough, the kidney bean is not of Indian origin. The magic bean is local to Mexico and it's surrounding areas. So we have to thank all those brave seafarers who travelled across the Atlantic ocean to help sow this particular seed across the world. "Saat Samundar Paar" feels. Today, you can order this beautiful dish from the comfort of your office chair (or home) for a just fifty rupees a plate. The quantity is enough to leave you with a happy face and the taste as always is fantastic. Mind you, this is no easy dish to cook. The beans need to be washed and soaked overnight and the variety of spices needed to perfect the dish is quite vast. It is almost, always, served with a side of onions, pickled carrots and green chillis. Oh and with rice of course (some place give vegetable pulao instead, which is even more delish). So, when I say this city is fueled by Rajma chawal, I'm serious. The life blood that works this metropolitan, derives its nutrition from the Rajma Chawal specialists across this bustling city that churns out hundreds, if not thousands of kilos of Rajma Chawal to feed their every hungry tummies. Not all superheroes wear capes. They do however make life-saving Rajma Chawal (wouldn't be surprised if they wore capes, though). Explore More: https://www.delhipedia.com/home/Article/Eat/Blood-Sweat-tears-and-Rajma-Chawal-a7f7f8b7
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